This script is your pot-o-gold. Connecting with the correct person (speaker booking decision maker) at associations and societies minimizes wasted time. Too many speakers try to connect with the meeting planner and very frequently they are not the decision maker but rather the meeting logistics person.


Stop spinning your wheels in your efforts to sell speaking services to trade associations and professional societies. This script will help you to more quickly discover the true decision maker and allow you to effectively sell to the correct person.


You will want to make relationship bank deposits with the association and society editors to find the true decision makers. Editors receive far fewer telephone calls than do meeting planners. Make your life easier by going around to the back door…through the editors.


The relationship bank deposits are your articles. It matters not if your articles get published. The real game is to find out who the decision maker is and connect with that correct person…the speaker booking decision maker. If you have developed a relationship with the editor, chances are strong that they show reciprocity by telling you the truth as to who makes the decisions on hiring speakers.

Script: Getting to Decision Makers through Editors