Get Paid to Speak at Association Meetings

The Selling to Associations Intensive

At the Las Vegas Mirage - June 15 & 16, 2020 

(if Las Vegas is open) Limit: 12 Attendees

The key to longevity in the speaking business is to access corporate clients through trade associations and professional societies. Register


At my Selling To Associations Intensive, I show you the Martial Art of getting booked through bypassing the gatekeeper and connecting with the real decision makers.


Learn how to find the correct verticals and the association executives within, then take control of your speaking career without ever having to rely on Bureaus. 

Questions? Call Ed @ 805-498-5720   Register

This Intensive Includes Three Key Value Areas to Help You Grow Your Speaking Business:
1. Power of Live Event Learning
2. Extra Resources to Propel Your Results
3. Post Event Accountability

Grow your revenue in multiples through more association bookings. How? The backdoor. Learn how to find the true decision maker by bypassing the gatekeepers. Also, decide which associations and societies are best for you to approach...improve your how to grow your verticals. Learn where the money really is! 

  1. You will learn clarity of your value...what your programs deliver to association audiences

  2. You will learn clarity of how to use your new tools to navigate the selling maze

    • Article titles & writing schedule​

    • Consistent message

    • Which associations to approach (how & when)

  3. You will learn clarity of your selling plan and how to successfully execute with accountability

    • Selling script​

    • Leverage all activity

    • The will to perform

Professional Speakers of all levels...learn how to bust past the gatekeepers in selling your services to trade associations and professional societies. You will learn how to get those two extra speeches each month.


You already know how difficult it is to get direct bookings. You constantly hear, “the committee decides” which is association speak for "somebody else is the decision maker."


Getting through the gatekeeper to the true decision maker is the key and is nearly impossible…UNTIL NOW!

In the comfort and privacy of an upper-floor suite at the Mirage, Ed Rigsbee, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Certified Association Executive (CAE), will take you and a limited small group on an amazing journey of understanding through the elements that are important to you and your business.

Ed Rigsbee is regarded as the number one expert in selling to associations. You will learn how to do an end-run around the gatekeeper and get to the decision maker to secure lucrative association and society keynote and workshop engagements.


These bookings are like paid showcases to also gain corporate work. Learn, relax, and have fun in Las Vegas with Ed and walk away with the exact strategies to get hired by associations.

You will get personalized help in determine the best way for you to access the association market, and become armed for successful selling.

  1. Your Positioning; you have to be both unique and fit into their meeting categories.

  2. Your Positioning Umbrella Exercise for Determining Category and Sub-Category

  3. Your Strategy Map for Discovering Your Customers’ Preferred Differentiators

  4. Your New Sales Scripts and Marketing Sales Copy

  5. How to Use LinkedIn & YouTube as Business to Business Positioning Tools

  6. Determine the Best Industry categories for You to Pursue First

*While individual results may vary and cannot be guaranteed, We do guarantee that we'll arm you with the tools and draw you a straight line to the money. Taking action and implementation is up to you!   Register

>>> Plus...Extra Resources no extra charge:

  1. Access to Ed's several thousand Association CEO eList. (You can't buy this access)

  2. The opportunity to appear in his "Raw & Unedited for Association Executives" video series...directly pushed out to over 5,000 association executives. (You can't buy this access)

  3. Access to Ed’s online “Selling to Association” resources; including Videos, MP3s, selling scripts, and much more! ($300 value)

  4. All Selling to Associations Alumni are invited to "audit" any future Intensive (based on room availability).* (Literally worth thousands of dollars)

  5. All Selling to Associations Alumni are invited to join the CLOSED Facebook group which will help you to keep your "selling to associations" focus throughout the year.

  6. Six-month follow-up (monthly) group accountability mastermind (online). ($2,500 value)

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