2020 Alumni Event

Selling to Associations Mastermind

Learn & Share

Private to Alumni Listed Below

Mirage Hotel Las Vegas, January 27 & 28, 2020

This two-day mastermind is for all the past attendees of Ed Rigsbee's Selling to Associations Intensives. It is designed to be both casual yet valuable. Each day we will meet in Ed's suite at the Mirage from about 9 AM to 3 PM. The two key areas of conversation will be (1) how have you innovated on what you learned at the Intensive and (2) what challenges are you currently facing in your efforts to sell your speaking services to associations? This two-day event will be an awesome opportunity for you to get serious about what you plan to achieve in 2020.

2020 Alumni Event


Paul Noor gets an updated positioning strategy.

2019 Attendees in suite strategizing the new year.

All past attendees of Ed Rigsbee's Selling to Associations Intensive are Welcome

Aidan Crawford

Alvin Wong

Andy Masters

Ann Tardy

Anne Barab

Annie Meehan

Barry Moniak

Bill Moylan

Bill Wagner

Bob DeStefano

Catherine Lewis

Cheri Britton

David Frank Davis

Donn LeVie Jr.

Dr. Jeff Magee

Dr. Jermaine M. Davis

Dr. Josh Luke

Dr. Symeon Rodger

Gayle Lantz

Ian Hope

Jeff Compton

Jeff Korhan

Jeff Owens

Jennifer FitzPatrick

Jennifer Kahnweiler

Jim Feldman

Joe Curcillo

Kathryn Orford

Kit Welchlin

Leslie Pogue

Lynn Abramo

Mandi Stanley

Marty Scirratt

Mary Beth Vogt

Meridith Elliott Powell

Miguel de Jesus

Nabil Doss

Olalah Njenga

Patrick Meyer

Paul Noor

Paula Harrington-Hill

Pierre Trudel

Randy Wilinski

Sandra Strauss

Scott Hutson

Sima Dahl

Sue Malan

Susan Fitzell

Terrie Glass

Theresa Hummel-Krallinger

Thomas Palka

Vincent Boles

(May 2019) Joel Block, Aram Boyd, Robert Bradford, Lynn Matalon, JaMarr Johnson, Annalisa Parent, Neal Schaffer, Rhonda Sher, Tony Maree Torrey, Rebecca Wagner, Mike Wakshull, Brad Wolff